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Finger Magic Defence

4.3 ( 5193 ratings )
Розробник: Xor Imagine Libs

Swipe to shooting (cast a magic).

Ghosts coming! Ghost can be killed by magic. You can cast magic by sliding over magic vortex with your finger and throw it towards ghost and kill it.

There are three types of magic: ice, fire and air. Ice magic makes a little damage and can freeze the ghosts in area. Fire magic makes more damage than ice magic and can explode to do an area damage. Air magic makes a large damage and can penetrate the ghosts in a line.

Use the magics properly and defend your home as long as possible!

- Simple control! Slide to cast magic.
- Endless hours of gameplay
- Three types of magic.
- Five types of ghost and ghost may have 3 types of magic protection.
- Vortex mana is limited. Kill magic ghost to restore mana.
- Kill >1 ghosts in one magic shot may get more score and mana restore.
- Power up magic to make more damage and more mana.
- The round treasure ghost may drop life point and power up point when killed.

Enjoy it!